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Team owner & angler
Kiichiro Nagashiki
The Idea Of True Blue Fishing Club

Once, nature was a target to be subdued by the human race. The history of industrialization is the history of the conquest of nature itself. Sports, for example: mountain climbing, diving, hunting and etc, also consist of same idea that nature should be conquered by humans. We have been able to enjoy peak experience by conquering the mountains, the ocean and many wild animals. I think the same can be said abort fishing as a sport.

@But nowadays everyone is aware of how the nature has deteriorated over the past few decades. We believe reentering in new period when we should consider these sports from a different point of view or a different sphere. We need to recall the Japanese traditional cultivated idea that humans have to coexist with nature. I think that we shouldnft forget our own failures in which we have damaged nature without any cares. And we are starting to study many things about our natural environment.

@Ifve heard that fishing has been one of manfs pleasures from the hunter gathering age.

@I donft know if it is true or not but I assert that fishing is a sport that ought not be abandoned by us. So, I look forward to making efforts for preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

@My most important aim to search for meaning of how to live and learn from nature through fishing.